Miss Tara - Black Dog

Hi this is Tara.  I hope by the time your reading this, Iain has managed to take some nice “action” photographs of me and post them here.  I’m a beautiful female Kelpie Labrador cross. I have a lovely black, shinny short fur coat and an excellent deposition.  I look a little brown in my photos, but that's because Iain took the pictures late in the afternoon when the sun was low on the horizon.  Iain says this is the "golden time" - I call it "dinner time".  Oh did I mention I was beautiful and smart.   I expect Iain will update this page often with new pictures as I become involved in new adventures, and I won't be impressed if this doesn't occur.

My hobbies are chasing cats – I love to chase cats!  My other neighbour has a ginger coloured cat and I wait until it’s climbed the fence into my yard, then I attack from my hiding place – ah the ginger thing almost has a heart attack to my delight!    I also like to chase cockatoos when they decide to perch in trees on my patch of ground, but they just sit there, look at me and screech.  A cockatoo is an Australian bird that is quite large and makes lots of noise.  Additionally I enjoy gnarling on old bones and digging holes. I’m quite sneaky in that I have two homes which are separated by a paling fence.  I’ve managed to convince my owners that one of the fence palings should be removed to allow me to come and go between the yards.  If I play my cards right I can manage to be fed at one home, before sneaking across the fence to have desert!  

I enjoy my second yard as there are many flowers and plants with interesting scents.  The yard is large so I can run about the place creating a commotion.  Often Jolanda is out doing something or another to the garden and I sit and watch – she then is distracted and pats me – I told you I was a smart dog!  Iain also is in the yard from time to time taking photographs of bugs or flowers.  When I see him I lie down and he nearly always starts to take photos of me.  I wait until he has set up his photo, often on a tripod, then, just before he takes his photo I get up and move a little closer making him relocate to focus again.  This can go on for an hour or so and is very good sport! At night, there is nothing more I like than to either sit in front of the heater or fall asleep on the couch in front of the TV. 

I enjoy being walked very much.  This gives me an opportunity to mark my territory (which is everywhere I go!).  I often go to the park and if it's in the late afternoon or early evening I always manage to give a few rabbits a hard time chasing them.  Iain taught me a new trick at the park - I climb the ladder on those of those children's playground things, then slide down the plastic slippery slide - now did I tell you I was smart or what!

I have my own corner of the couch where no one else is allowed to sit. I’ve been thinking of getting my own e-mail address but I’m indecisive on the address – Tara Black Dog@, or perhaps Pretty Tara@, or what about Smart Tara@  I’ll have to give it some thought.  Oh and I final thought, if you think Commissar Rex (inspector Rex) is the smartest canine around, think again.  Rex may have a good job, but I bet I could do everything he can and only better.

Well that’s all from me.  Did I tell you I was beautiful – and smart?

BELOW:  At last some "action" photos have been added.  In the top photos I am on the lookout for anything untoward.  I pretend to be asleep but alas I am vigilant.  If there is nothing happening then a good dig into the garden mulch always turns up a worm or two, or maybe some colourful bug to play with.  Failing that I can always grab a few zzz's in the sun.  The bottom right photo - ah yes I remember when this was taken - I pulled out the internet and telephone cables - the cable just kept coming and coming out of the wall.  And that was only after I'd excavated the garden.  Garden dirt is on my nose!  Iain's new camera is good, but it highlights my dusty face! 


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