My Collection - Show Case

A very small selection of images from my collection.  Rather than photograph everything which is an impossability, I have selected a few of the more interesting or uncommon items.  If you have read the other pages on this web site you will no doubt realize that the overall theme relates to aviation. 

It is my intention on this page to link several sub-web pages.  Ensure you scroll to the bottom of the selected page to view all images.

As time permits I'll slowly update this page.


LEFT: Tunic and crusher cap belonging to Lt. Daniels, 8th Photo Recon Squadron (Eight Ballers), 5th USAAF. Lt. Daniels flew F-5 (converted P-38 aircraft) in Papua New Guinea.




USAAF Survival Vests (C-1)

USAAF Crusher Caps

Aviation Wings (USAAF, RAF, RNZAF and RAAF) WW2, Korea and Civil (A very long page...)

Survival chits, Maps and Evasion Articles

Military Decorations

USAAF uniform jackets WW2 (Under Construction)

US Army Airforce aviation flight jacket - Vietnam (Under Construction)

USAAF Personal safety equipment (Under Construction)


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