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Last updated 19 August 2008



Why is the site called Anaspides?



This web site was primarily constructed to provide a platform to share my interests.

It's also to be used to document the quality and useability of SCUBA diving operators that I have used (Trip Reports).

I am not a professional web designer so please excuse any lack of web design, web etiquette or poorly arranged composition. I prefer to hike, search for fossils, dive, fly & take photographs, rather than design HTML & stare at a computer screen!

I hope you find the site educational as well as enjoyable. Thanks for stopping by.

The photograph above left was taken in winter near the main centre of Hobart. Mount Wellington is in the background. In winter it can snow to 500 meters above sea level, but snow at sea level is uncommon, however, wind is very prevalent as Tasmania lies below 40 Degrees Latitude South and is located in the "Roaring Forties".

Hobart is currently where I reside and is the capital of Tasmania, sixth state of Australia (the other two "states" are actually territories). If you cannot find Tasmania on the map, look towards the bottom of Australia. The next island southerly landmass is Macquarie Island and Antarctica.